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Nonstop Reading!

Myria D. Giles — April 29, 2023

A photo is worth a thousand words… a Book, well written, tells the WHOLE story!


Sherry, Sherry, Sherry, THANK YOU FOR sharing your story with those who read it, receive it, enjoy it and can identify, learn and take something away from it! I have been held captive for hours, tonight. Every time I think I was gonna pause for the evening, you held me captive!!! I am forcing myself to halt for tonight, at Chapter 20, Chapter 19 took me OUT!!!! You have so much more to offer your audiences; better get ready for Book Two!😍

Black Magnolia Flower
Amazing Life Story

Candace - April 23, 2023

Amazing Life Story

This book is a must read! You never know how interesting someone else’s life is, it was a soap opera, and it was hard to put the book down. Every chapter kept getting better and better. This book will have you laughing and it will have you crying. Another great black author and southern belle!

Book Signing
Amazon Customer Review

Amazon Customer - March 7, 2023

 I Cried and Laughed!

This books is an amazing book from beginning to end. So worth the read and worth every penny. I Cried and Laughed Throughout the whole book.

Kristina A Niederhut — March 22, 2023

Intriguing and insightful read


A beautiful and raw narrative of one woman’s journey from poverty to success while maintaining a kind and gracious outlook.

Beverly — The author and reviewer are long-time friends

April 11, 2023

A Must Read


Black Magnolia gives the reader a look at the life of a young Black woman growing up in the Deep South during the mid-twentieth century. This memoir details Ms. Henderson's life after she was left in the care of her great-grandmother, a sharecropper in northern Mississippi. She reminisces about the ideals her great-grandmother imparted to her, the struggle she witnessed, and her struggles with poverty and discrimination. As I read, I understood and appreciated how Ms. Henderson persevered through her setbacks and became the successful woman she is today.


Debra — March 23, 2023

A must read


Author who was not afraid to tell her truth! A Memoire of Jawdropping moments and every kind of conceivable emotion. A true beauty for ashes read with a one of a kind bouquet of flowers!!! ❤️ 💐

Monique Johnson

The storytelling was awesome! The journey, engaging! Bold! Black Magnolia is a good read!


I like the imagery of Black Magnolias the author used in contrast to White Magnolias. It was a genius approach.

TXLizzy - February 26, 2023

Very well written! A wonderful personal memoir.

Black Magnolia is an inspiring, emotional, gripping story that will keep you captured throughout the entire book.

Sherry discuss her highs and lows of growing up in a small town in Mississippi enduring and fighting through years of racism, segregation and discrimination.

Sherry never gave up, gave in or forgot the lessons she learned from her great-grandmother, to her mother and other family members to become the woman she is today.

It's a must read!

Kindle Customer — April 26, 2023

Floral expressions of life's journey


This story was a true page turner. Beautifully written. I thoroughly enjoyed the flowers detailing the twists and turns of a new life's journey for Sherry. Thank you so much for sharing yourself with the world.

Jessica Harris — March 27, 2023



Loved it!! I could just picture everything and I couldn’t put this book down.

Shawn Fury — March 23, 2023

Amazing Story


What an amazing story about an amazing woman. I have a similar lived experience and can relate Ms. Henderson's story. I have known the author since 2007. She has helped to heal and help countless people throughout her VA career. I am proud to call her a true friend.

Amazon Customer - March 6, 2023

This is a must read book

This book is very intriguing and mesmerizing. The author tells her story of a little black girl growing up in back woods Mississippi and overcoming all obstacles. I really enjoy reading this book because that little black girl resembles me.


Brenda Bailey - February 27, 2023

 Black Magnolia

I recomend this book to everyone. I found it to be heart-warming as well as showing how you can overcome the many obstacles that life throws at us.

LindiweL - February 18, 2023

A rich telling of family history and it’s impact on offspring

I am always intrigued about the Black experience through generations in America. Again, the author shows how Black forebears despite great adversity (especially in the South), made it their mission to shape and strengthen the next generation to prevail and thrive in the midst of adversity. The author spends time digging into the smaller and larger stories that make for a whole, engaging book.

Melissa - September 1, 2023

I found out about this book through Sherry's uncle & i'm so happy I read it! Such a great read !!

Caron T - August 12, 2023

A tell-all memoir that does not disappoint!

Sherry Henderson has written a very personal and inspiring memoir. I could not put the book down! Thank you Sherry for being so brave and sharing your story which reminds us all that so much can be achieved in spite of the adversities we face. Beautifully written!

Joe N - July 3, 2023

What a Great Read!

An excellent narrative about a tough, interesting and ultimately very successful life. Each chapter is named for a different Southern flower characteristic which details events in that chapter.


BJMack - September 27, 2023

An Intimate, soul bearing story

Wow! What an intimate, soul bearing story. The inspirational strength, and possible struggles it must have taken Sherry to put pen to paper to tell her story.

A story of love. A story of losses, setbacks, growth, determination and resilience.

I love that Sherry starts each chapter with a different flower that leads into the story of that chapter. Great ideal! One can learn how the flower distinguishing features or qualities mirrors our own.

This is a must-read book. It's intriguing and thought provoking. It grabs your attention and hold it firmly throughout the story.

Thanks Ms. Sherry D Henderson, AKA Black Magnolia

Betty Mack

Brooklyn Boy - July 27, 2023

Surviving and overcoming lifes challenges!

Well written, easy to read, thought provoking, Sherry is a strong woman and a great role model for women of all races!!

Move me to tears and know how strong Sherry is as I have known her for a long time! I know what a great nurse she is as I also have worked with her! Sherry has a great heart!

Whitney B - June 14, 2023

Wonderful book

Great book. I loved reading about her journey into adulthood and learning about the Henderson bloodline so happy that she has shared her story

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