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Black Magnolia: An Unequivocal Southern Belle is the wisdom-rich story of an African American woman raised in the unsophisticated backwoods of Mississippi. Sherry Henderson tells her story through the beautiful Mississippi flowers that surrounded her from home to home. Just as all those flowers came together to create a bouquet of symbolic relationships, each chapter of her story blends with the next to reveal the blossoming tapestry of her life. 


Grounded in the wisdom of life-changing seeds her great-grandmother planted into her psyche at a very early age, Sherry learned the value of being true to herself and seeing herself as equal to others. Although a woman of few words, her great-grandmother watered and nurtured those seeds that would ultimately produce an amazing adult.


Share the journey of an African American girl who grows to see herself as Black Magnolia: An Unequivocal Southern Belle, despite the challenges of growing up poor in the rural south. You will enjoy this riveting and inspiring story as Sherry welcomes you into the intimate, adventurous, and eyes-wide-open space of her life. 

Black Magnolia

An Unequivocal Southern Belle

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